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Learn to Write and Vlogging- LiburMulu.Com – In an effort to attract the youth market, last September 26-27 2015 SMESCO held a big event that was so crowded and festive. The event was in the form of a creative event filled with creative young people from the Capital City and a workshop from speakers who were very competent in their fields.

Agustinus Wibowo was a travel writer who had produced 3 His bestseller book is 19459007 Dust Blanket, Border Line 19459008 and 19459007 Zero Point . He was one of the speakers who discussed and gave tips on Travel Writing which you can follow for free. Not only that, because the workshop also included additional knowledge by Sacha Stevenson regarding tips & tricks made Vlog (video blog) earners.

who has a hobby of reading travel books, certainly not foreign to the figure of Agustinus Wibowo and his extreme exploration to various countries in the Middle East. Agustinus is known as a writer who always wants to be involved in the journey itself, by getting to know the culture and interacting with the local community, making it give birth to phenomenal work.

 Two interesting talk shows on the Smesco Vaganza Netizen event
Two interesting talk shows on the Smesco Netizen Vaganza program

Here are the things delivered at the SMESCO Vaganza Netizen program which of course can be your guide in writing the journey story:

1. Personal Experience

Personal experience is an advantage that makes a travel story different from other writings. So an interesting travel story is a story that is linked to the author's personal experience with the reader. If the story only provides information, it can be obtained easily through Google or the internet. Because by writing your experience in it, the reader will be invited as if involved in the experience.

2. Travel with Purpose

The purpose here is to make sure that you have the purpose and reason why you choose to come to the place. For example, want to know in detail the history of the place or come because of a festival. Because if you come without a clear purpose or because you are bored, it certainly won't produce an interesting story.

3. Observation or Research for a fact

 Travel story writer must submit facts
Travel story writer must submit facts

Research becomes very important to convey a fact written in the story travel. Because an author must be careful with the contract with the reader, the contract is: What is written must be true facts. The advantages of the books written by Agustinus are by presenting resources and facts that support the story.

4. A unique viewpoint

Travel stories cannot always be monotonous by expressing their natural beauty, but the writer must also look for other perspectives that might be told. For example, by coming to a crowded place like Borobudur, of course many people have written down their history and beauty. But you can search for speakers who can tell you how to clean all the temples. An interesting idea isn't it?!

5. Commitment is a way to get around Writer's block

The current writing challenge is large due to the temptation of the internet and social media . Agustinus argued that Writer's block was only a myth, because it was lazy to start & lack research on what would be written. So it is recommended that you keep all gadgets and internet away for a while while focusing on writing.

You certainly have many interesting trips, right ?! It's time to write down your experiences with these helpful tips from Agustinus.

Unlike Agustinus Wibowo, Sacha Stevenson filled out the workshop by giving tips related to making a lot of videos he uploaded to youtube. Because of its strong commitment, these videos have now been able to become a promising source of income, you can see the Chanel here . Here are tips for those of you who also want to become professional Youtubers:

1. No need to be expensive

To start creating creative videos does not require expensive fees, because Sacha claims to make all the videos for free with modest property. Many things he made for tripods such as chairs, buckets and books. Lighting is sober but still has to be concerned with good audio quality.

2. Short duration

Most connoisseurs of Youtube don't like the duration of the video for too long. Because it is different from a TV that does not have to be streaming, watching Youtube cannot be compared to the duration. So it's good that the Vlog content is made brief and original and is useful for viewers.

3. Don't be afraid to be ugly

 Thanks to his interesting strategies and ideas, Sacha now has hundreds of thousands of Subcribers
Thanks to his interesting strategies and ideas, Sacha now has hundreds of thousands of Subcribers [19659007] For those of you who have successfully made a video but feel that you are producing a video that is not useful, leave it alone. Because by making a bad video, you will be able to correct and learn from experience to be better. As Sacha has failed many times but now finally finds his identity as Youtubers who have a comedy video market.

4. Tips for flowing ideas

Try to think: What can I cut, not what I can add. Because then, the idea will flow freely without being burdened by the duration of the record.

5. Create your own song

The most important thing that Youtubers must pay attention to is the use of music in videos. It's best to be careful when inserting songs on Youtube, because it can intersect with copyright. Sacha claimed to make his own song to complete the video.

6. Things to keep in mind

All of the videos that have been uploaded to Youtube can no longer be sold or subscribed to other platforms.


Such are the knowledge presented by 2 speakers at the Vaganza Netizen SMESCO event Travel Writing and Vlog Tips & Tricks . Hopefully it can be useful for those of you who did not have time to attend the event. All material proves that the better a work is, the more difficult it is for someone to create it. Good work!

Sharing is fun!

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