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World's Cheapest Hotels IDR 4000 Per Night!

Posted at September 29, 2018 12:38 by vacasion in Vacation

LiburMulu.Com – For those of you who are thin budget travelers or backpacker travelers, finding the cheapest accommodation is one way to save on the way. In Indonesia, when you get a hotel price of IDR 100,000 per night you can say it's cheap. However, if you try to visit Bangladesh, with IDR 100,000, maybe […]

Guide to Traveling Around Indonesia – LiburMulu.Com

Posted at September 21, 2018 15:04 by vacasion in Vacation – Indonesia is a country that crosses the Equator between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia has land borders with Malaysia in the north and Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea in the east, also neighboring Australia in the south, and Palau, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand in the north, India in […]

Enjoying the Exotism of Labuan Bajo, Here Are 7 Mandatory Things You Must Bring

Posted at September 21, 2018 6:03 by vacasion in Vacation

Labuan Bajo is a destination in eastern Indonesia which is certainly a dream for many travelers. Because not only is its natural beauty so fascinating. This small town on the westernmost of Flores Island has many other charms such as the friendliness of local people, tempting cuisine, and the work of woven fabrics which are […]

Tell a Different Ramadan, Get a Gift of 20 Million Total Shopping Vouchers!

Posted at September 20, 2018 21:00 by vacasion in Vacation

Lebaran has come, Ramadan has passed with lots of exciting things. Surely the travelers have many interesting stories during the month of Ramadan yesterday. Well, let's share the interesting story at the Ramadhan contest Like Never Before! Because by telling your unique and different Ramadan experience, you can have the opportunity to get a shopping […]

Learn to Write and Vlogging- LiburMulu.Com

Posted at September 20, 2018 11:58 by vacasion in Vacation – In an effort to attract the youth market, last September 26-27 2015 SMESCO held a big event that was so crowded and festive. The event was in the form of a creative event filled with creative young people from the Capital City and a workshop from speakers who were very competent in their […]

Acquaintance With Air Asia Asean Pass, Now Traveling Asean Is Much More Efficient!

Posted at September 19, 2018 8:51 by vacasion in Vacation – ASEAN is a political and economic association which up to now consists of 10 countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, the Philippines, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. While AirAsia Asean Pass is a travel ticket that allows travelers to book flight tickets at low credit rates, 14 days or more before departure […]

Don't Take This Airline In 2016

Posted at September 18, 2018 23:49 by vacasion in Vacation

LiburMulu.Com – Do you like traveling? Like to travel by plane? That means you need to read this article! For the sake of your safety, you should not ride this airline in 2016! The annual survey reveals that some of the world's major airlines have some bad safety records. Website examined audit results from […]

The Best Diving Places in Indonesia

Posted at September 18, 2018 14:47 by vacasion in Vacation – Indonesia is a very large archipelago. Consisting of 17,000 islands with strategic positions in the world's coral triangle, Indonesia is one of the countries that is rich in marine biodiversity. That's why it's no wonder that in Indonesia there are hundreds of fun dive sites. From the west to the east, there are […]

Heal Galaumu at The Griya Villa and Spa!

Posted at September 18, 2018 5:46 by vacasion in Vacation

East Bali was famous for stunning diving spots, but did you know that here you can find luxury in one of the villas located in Amed, namely The Griya Villa And Spa. For those of you who are looking for tranquility, a quiet place to relax with family and couples, The Griya Villa And Spa […]

Pervading the Day, Enjoying the Cool Air Situ Cileunca

Posted at September 17, 2018 20:44 by vacasion in Vacation

LiburMulu.Com – From the beginning Bandung was not only known as a pleasant city with culinary offerings and a paradise for shopping enthusiasts with its factory outlets. The city has many pleasant natural destinations, which are also much sought after by travelers who want to spend their holidays in Bandung with full freshness. One of […]

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